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Back a few years ago there must of only been around 4-5 different bong shops serving the USA, I used 3 of them myself for getting little bits for my original bong, that I have owned for a few years now! But when you look after a bong it really lasts a long time. But back to the point. I was looking for a whole new water pipe because I was overdue investing in a new one, I am seriously picky and none of my fave stores had anything that really took my fancy. So I decided to take a browse at some new bong stores instead as I new there was a couple I hadn’t tried yet. Core blimey, I was in for a shock. Pages of different shops were now throwing offers at me! Things really changed a lot in the last few years and I am very thankful for it, because now the prices had dropped and the cooler bongs were more affordable. Good old competition! I noticed that many of these bong stores were not reviewed many times so I thought I would list all the ones I have used below so that my readers had a few safe places to shop.

Best Bong Stores Online – In No Particular Order!

One of the nicer stores out there with great support. I believe they began in 2012 and are well known on related forums. You can visit the online bong shop for all your smoking accessories or you can buy glass bongs directly off their site.

Smokers Plaza
I’ve used these guys a few times and was always happy, no issues at all. Find water pipes for sale at Smokers Plaza

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