It may feel that you are trapped in that virtual mousetrap. So smoke another and enjoy the cheese.

While the New Year starts you feel the world is giving you nothing but the same old, same old. So boost your tolerance and dab one for prosperity.

In the mind of the dual Gemini, at times it feels like you are the only “two” in the world. But use the greater plan idea and pass to the left.

Tricky time for Cancer, while they are not aware it may seem that the law is just behind them. So take heed all you crabbish birthers and allow the paranoia to take root. It may just have validity.

Seems that the New Year is a delightful time for the LEO’s of the world to fall in love. It doesn’t matter that your new love is a beautiful bud. 🙂

Do you want to begin this New Year fresh, Virgo? If you do, maybe it is a time to have the rest of the world take you serious. But remember as you go through life demanding things, decide quickly if you wish to release the hostages or not.

Stand tall and proud just as those buds of last year’s harvest. It is a whole New Year for all who are willing to dream big. Just think this year’s plants could be even bigger.


Have you lived a year in the past that made you believe everything was out to get you? Well be careful, this month might prove that theory true.

Stop being the easygoing person from your past. It is time for the world to see just what you Sagittariuns are made of. Show them your motivation and your strong will.

Life is like the dog. It always looks at you with the big eyes of a puppy, even right before it bites you. So beware Capricorns, there may be a vicious bite in your near future.

Rumor has it, that there really are two kinds of people in the world. Shhh, seems you are part of the good ones. But let’s not tell, just roll another and smile.

Statistically the odds are that you will not be hit by lightning, so when it happens it really is hard to feel special. But as that lightning strikes, use it to your advantage and spark a fat one.

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